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    Teach Children How to Swim in a Swim Spa

    Last updated 2 years ago

    When it comes to teaching your child to swim, whether your baby is still quite young, or your child is a toddler, owning your own swim spa provide an ideal and safer environment. Of course, as any parent or teacher knows, a child should never be left alone when there is water around, as it is simply too dangerous. Teaching a child to swim in a secure, safe and private environment can help your child gain the confidence they will need for becoming a confident swimmer as they grow up.

    For more information about these featured spas or any of our other hot tubs call ThermoSpas in Wallingford at (888) 716-8628.

    The Many Ways Owning a ThermoSpas Hot Tub Can Be Fun!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Owning your own hot tub has tremendous physical and mental health benefits. While relaxing your muscles and soothing your body, your ThermoSpas hot tub will relieve your stress and anxiety. Watch this video to discover how owning a ThermoSpas hot tub is relaxing and enjoyable!

    In addition to soaking individually, you can enjoy your ThermoSpas hot tub as a family. Talk about your day and vacation plans for the summer or simply enjoy spending time with your kids again. Many satisfied ThermoSpas customers attest that spending time in the hot tub is just as rewarding and typically more convenient that having a family dinner all together.

    Call ThermoSpas at (888) 716-8628 to learn more about hot tub installation and the tremendous fun and health benefits of your ThermoSpas investment.

    Winter Maintenance Tips for Hot Tubs and Spas

    Last updated 2 years ago

    As the temperature continues to drop, it’s time to winterize your hot tub. Find out how to protect and maintain your hot tub over the upcoming winter months by reading this article and visiting ThermoSpas online.

    Clean Your Hot Tub

    Whether you’re preparing to close your spa for the winter months or just doing some routine maintenance, it’s important to thoroughly clean your hot tub. Speak with a ThermoSpas specialist to find out which chemicals are right for your hot tub. Using safe but powerful chemicals is essential to hot tub cleanliness. Be sure to frequently test your spa water for bacteria throughout the year.

    Assess Your Winter Plans

    If you’re staying at home this winter, then you may want to keep your hot tub running for those winter nights that you need a nice, relaxing soak. But if you plan on being out of town for the holidays, then you should schedule time to properly winterize your hot tub. Leaving your spa unprotected could lead to expensive repair costs and damage to your hot tub.

    Drain Your Spa

    One of the most essential steps of winterizing your ThermoSpas hot tub is draining the spa. Completing draining the water from your hot tub prevents bacteria and algae from growing during the winter months where your spa will remain unattended. Draining your hot tub water also prevents your outdoor spa from freezing in extreme temperatures.

    Replacing Hot Tub Parts

    As you winterize your hot tub for the upcoming months, carefully look over the mechanics of your hot tub. If you’re unfamiliar with the inner plumbing of your spa, then call a ThermoSpas technician to help assess the condition of your hot tub. It’s important to replace and clean your spa’s filters, plugs, and circuits before leaving them unused for the winter months.

    The final step of winterizing your hot tub is installing an insulated spa cover for protection. Be sure to test that the spa cover won’t allow rainwater or snow to get into your hot tub. To learn more about winterizing your hot tub or to schedule an insulated spa cover installation, call ThermoSpas at (888) 716-8628.

    Why it's Wise to Invest in a Hot Tub

    Last updated 2 years ago

    As the winter weather gets colder, you may be wishing you had installed a hot tub for your home, but it’s not too late! Learn more about the long-term benefits of investing in a hot tub by viewing the ThermoSpas online showroom.

    Physical Health Benefits

    Hot tubs and spas are frequently used in medical facilities for physical therapy. If you own a hot tub with massaging jets, then you understand the luxury of feeling your muscles soothed underwater. The gentle water jets and warm temperature work to relax your muscles and relieve nerve pressure. Spas and hot tubs are known to help ease the symptoms of medical conditions such as arthritis. The warmth of your hot tub can also help expand your blood vessels to decrease your blood pressure and improve circulation.

    Mental Health Benefits

    In addition to the physical benefits, investing in a ThermoSpas hot tub can improve your mental health. There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home from a long day at work and taking a soothing soak in your warm hot tub. If your hot tub features massaging jets, then you can reduce the tension in your back and neck after a stressful day. The warmth of relaxing in a hot tub can also help you sleep better at night.

    Financial Benefits

    As purchasing a home spa will serve your physical and mental health, it is also a home investment opportunity. Installing a hot tub in your backyard or home increases the resale value of your house. Typically, homes accompanied by a hot tub or spa generate more interest among buyers and sell more quickly than homes without the investment. Purchasing a portable spa also allows you to avoid an increase in property taxes. Since the ThermoSpas hot tub won’t be permanently connected to your home, there’s no need to pay expensive property taxes on your home’s new addition.

    Purchasing and installing a hot tub for your home is an important investment for your family and your future. If you have questions about hot tub models, installation and the other benefits of owning a home spa, then contact ThermoSpas at (888) 716-8628.

    Soak in Style with These Hot Tub Sound and Lighting Features!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Most people know how relaxing and rejuvenation a high-quality hot tub can be, but until you’ve experienced a spa that features sound and lighting, you haven’t experienced the best that hot tubs have to offer! Learn about how your spa experience can be even better by adding these key features from the following information.

    Achieve Deeper Relaxation With Sound

    Have you ever tried to sit in silence while soaking in a warm tub only to have your thoughts interrupted by neighboring sounds? If so, then you’ll appreciate the benefits you’ll get from buying a hot tub that features sound options. You’ll be able to drift away to a private island or escape the stress of your negative thoughts by listening to a deluxe sound system. Most portable hot tubs can handle a variety of digital audio sources such as an iPod, USB memory stick, MP3 player, or AM/FM radio receiver.

    Impress Your Guests with Unique Light Effects

    Imagine how impressed and envious your friends will be when they visit and find that your hot tub features creative lighting effects. Illuminated grab bars and lighted tiles are just a few of the light affects you can ask for during your next hot tub purchase. When you buy from ThermoSpas, you can purchase a premier hot tub that allows you to choose from eight colors or set the colors to rotate. ThermoSpas also offers a spa series that features a hidden rail that is lit with an LED lighting system, allowing you to safely enter your hot tub at night.

    Have More Fun with More Hot Tub Accessories

    Relaxing in your hot tub will simply be more enjoyable with the many features and accessories you can purchase with your spa. These features are revolutionizing the way people enjoy lounging in the spa.

    To learn more about the exciting new features that come with premier spa series, contact ThermoSpas at (888) 716-8628. Choose from interior and exterior lighting effects, music, therapeutic bubbling systems, and more when you visit our store. To get a head start on selecting your new spa, visit our website.


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